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How To Overcome The BIGGEST Fear That New Entrepreneurs Have

How To Overcome The BIGGEST Fear That New Entrepreneurs Have

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Today I’m going to talk about the BIGGEST fear that so many budding entrepreneurs have. Even seasons entrepreneurs have trouble with this. When I was first starting out, I was also super scared. I felt like I was alone on this journey. I felt crippled. But eventually, I was able to combat it and overcome this fear. I’m going to share with you my tip on how you can beat this fear too. Let’s dive in.

The Fear That Cripples So Many Entrepreneurs

The biggest fear that entrepreneurs have is the fear of the unknown. It cripples entrepreneurs from taking action. It cripples entrepreneurs from having the confidence to make a decision. Whether it be signing that new lease, buying their first batch of inventory, or starting their first business, it is a fear of the unknown that stops them. Do you remember when you were growing up…as kids, we were always scared of the dark. But now as adults, we know that there’s nothing lurking in the dark. Yet there’s this sense of insecurity because we can’t see what’s going on. We can’t see what is in front of us. The root of the fear of the unknown is the inability to see something. So to combat and to actually thrive and to win from this is the ability to visualize. That is how you defeat the fear. And that’s the number one asset that entrepreneurs need to have is the ability to visualize.

The Ability To Visualize

Think back to the first time went on a date. I’m pretty sure you spent hours (or days) anticipating how the whole thing would go down. Like every single detail, you thought deeply about it… You’re anticipating from picking her up to how she would react, to approaching to the restaurant, to having a wonderful conversation, engaging with her, making her laugh, flirt a little bit with her, trying to impress her a little bit, to bringing her home, giving her a peck on the cheeks, being a gentleman, and hopefully get invited for a cup of coffee. Sounds familiar? So prior to going on that date, you most likely visualized how the whole date would go – from beginning to end. And you can do this with your business too.
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Everyone Can Visualize

How To Overcome The BIGGEST Fear That New Entrepreneurs Have 1
When it comes to business, it’s the same thing. You too can visualize how it can turn out by asking yourself a series of questions like:
  • What’s gonna happen?
  • Now that I have my product, what should I do?
  • Now that I have my product, what should we do with marketing?
  • Now that I have the product and now that I’ve marketed from this strategy, how should the people feel when they receive my product?
I do this all the time and it keeps me going, it keeps me super engaged, and it keeps me awake at night because I’m so excited to go about building the business. Because I already see how this whole thing will play out. And the more you ask yourself these questions and the more you get exposed to business, the more you can visualize something. Your experience will help make your visualizations more vivid and realistic. It’s just like going on a date. The more dates you go on, the more you can visualize how this whole thing would play out. And it’s a skill set that you can actually hone, and it’s a skill set you can develop.

It Stops Becoming Scary

Then you can actually go ahead and go date that girl and start that new business of yours. It’s the ability to visualize your idea and the project that you’re working on. That’s what’s gonna combat the fear of the unknown – the ability to visualize. Once you turn on the light, there’s nothing to be scared of.

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