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10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today


Be it burgers or vegan tacos, the food truck industry brings dishes from around the globe to everyone’s doorstep. It gives customers opportunities to taste a variety of cuisines and experience new dishes in locations that are easy for them to visit.

With little investment, low risks, and incredible mobility, the food truck business are becoming the favored choice for entering the restaurant business, especially for first-time restaurateurs.

However, to starting a food truck business, you don’t only need an ambitious and competitive concept but a well-thought-out business strategy, a fully equipped food truck, and a reliable marketing plan for your clientele.

Therefore, we’ve listed below five food truck business ideas that can help you make informed decisions about which food item to start with! 

1. Espresso Bar Truck

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 1

This caffeinated drink is a great food truck business concept because it combines convenience with ease. Let’s look at why it’s a good theme, shall we?

Espresso is the preferred morning beverage for people across the globe as not only it provides more caffeine than other types of coffees, but it is also rich in texture and flavor. 

In America, 31% of the total sales of a coffee shop constitute espresso-based drinks showing that espresso-based beverages are the most popular amongst coffee drinkers. 

Furthermore, preparing an espresso is easier and lower startup costs than other types of coffee. The only equipment required is an espresso machine and a grinder. And, as preparing an espresso is fairly simple, it does not require any additional skills like those needed for fancy latte art.

This simplicity also means you don’t need a lot of people to run the food truck. A maximum of 1-2 employees are enough to efficiently prepare and serve the coffee, making the investment low while the return is high!

Another advantage of running an espresso bar food truck business is that people consume espresso all year round. Unlike iced coffees or hot chocolate, people don’t stop buying this coffee when the season changes.

However, apart from these benefits, this food truck concept comes with a few limitations you need to consider. As the demand for espresso is so high, all coffee shops sell it. So, smoothly running an espresso bar food truck will involve competing with coffee shops near the area where your truck is parked. 

Nevertheless, as an espresso bar truck is mobile, you can drive it to specific locations or events where it will be the only way for people to get their caffeine. For example, you can set up outside an office building or an event such as a concert, where an espresso bar truck would be the primary source of coffee for the people there.

Plus, items such as sandwiches, cookies, croissants, and other bakery products can be stocked in the espresso bar truck. This will encourage the customers to get something along with the coffee, increasing the Average Order Value (AOV).

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 2
Photo credits: Green Coast Coffee Bar

An example of a successful coffee bar food truck business is the Green coast coffee bar truck located in Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s small in size, so the owners can set it up anywhere without the hassle of transporting heavy-duty machinery. 

It isn’t set up in one specific place, however. It changes locations like setting up in the farmers’ markets to cater to the people shopping there. 

Additionally, it also sells sandwiches, popsicles, and cookies along with coffee to increase the AOV.

So what are you waiting for? Try out this idea and sell a necessity – because everyone needs coffee.

2. Burger Food Truck

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 3

Burgers are one of the most famous fast-food items across the globe. Americans alone eat 14 billion burgers per year!

People love a burger for lunch or dinner or even a late-night snack, so if you’re choosing to start a burger food truck business, you’ll be able to draw in a lot of customers.

It is also easy to customize these food products. After all, specialized burgers such as American, fusion, vegan, and Asian-inspired cater to an even wider set of customers and make the food truck stand out from others.

While there are some space issues and equipment issues in food trucks, luckily, burgers are easy to make, even in the confines of a food truck. Be happy that they don’t require a lot of expensive culinary equipment because your food truck business was made a whole lot easier.

A standard commercial grill used to cook the burger patty and heat the buns is all the equipment needed. 

Also, the cost of making burgers isn’t that high as no super specialized equipment is required. In addition, you can utilize the same commercial equipment that you use for burgers for other food products in the future. 

Apart from the equipment cost, the basic ingredients required to make a standard burger are relatively inexpensive. You can easily prepare the patty at home, and the sauces and vegetables required are cheap, to begin with as well.

Moreover, the skill required to make a burger is also low. You just have to grill the burger, heat the buns, and assemble it with the required sauces and vegetables to prepare a burger. 

The AOV (average order value) can be easily increased by adding simple items such as waffle fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, and thick hand-dipped milkshakes.

Lastly, the demand for burgers remains the same all year round. Be it winter or fall; people will always love eating burgers. 

However, starting a burger food truck comes with its share of limitations. 

Firstly, a burger food truck requires 2-3 employees who can make the already limited space feel even more constricted. 

Also, as burgers are so popular, setting up a new burger food truck business would involve dealing with competition from various fast-food joints and other food trucks in the area. 

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 4
Photo Credits: The Frying Pan

An example of a successful burger food truck is The Frying Pan. They specialize in Korean chicken burgers and rice bowls. 

They successfully created their niche within the burger business, which helps attract customers as people come to their truck to try specific burgers they are famous for. 

Lastly, they don’t limit their food truck to one place. They drive it around to various places depending upon the availability of customers. So, for example, it is parked near the financial district on weekends, which helps them draw in the lunch crowd.

3. Poke Food Truck

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 5

Over the past decade, the demand for Poke has sharply increased in Northern America. GrubHub statistics show a 365% increase in deliveries of poke bowls every year.

People love eating Poke bowls because they are healthy, colorful, inexpensive, and highly customizable. 

A poke base usually constitutes rice, with protein in the form of fish, meat, or any other option. Customers can easily customize it for a vegan alternative by adding a non-meat protein.

This customizability also means that a Poke food truck can offer bowls created with a ‘build your own bowls’ theme and specific combos to boost popularity and attract more customers.

The skill required to make these bowls is relatively low as there is very little cooking involved. All that needs to be done is scooping specific portions of various ingredients into a Poke bowl, depending on the customer’s orders.

However, the caveat here is that the preparation of scooped ingredients requires skilled operations and sourcing. 

As most ingredients are not cooked, less equipment is required in a Poke food truck. All that is needed is a freezer and sanitation facilities to ensure that the ingredients remain fresh and crisp till they are served. 

Moreover, only 1-2 employees are required to run a Poke food truck efficiently. 

The demand for Poke isn’t affected by the seasons. Be it winter or spring; people are always in the mood for a good bowl, which means that the demand for Poke remains consistent year-round. 

As Poke has recently seen a sharp increase in popularity, it isn’t as widely available as some of the other cuisines; there isn’t a lot of competition to deal with when setting up a new Poke food truck. 

However, even if there is competition in the specific area your food truck is set in, you can either drive to areas with less competition or add a creative flair to make the food truck stand out.

Moreover, as Poke bowls are best suited for events like office lunches, weddings, and various corporate functions, a Poke food truck can serve at such events and build a strong clientele. 

All factors mentioned above mean that even though the investment is low, the profitability for a Poke food truck is high! 

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 6

An example of a successful Poke food truck is Protein & Poke. It was started by a group of friends in Arizona. 

Along with the traditional Hawaiian Tuna poke, they sell bowls of various varieties, from Korean beef to Salmon. This helps cater to a wider range of customers.

Moreover, they also sell sides, desserts like churros, and several homemade drinks that help increase the AOV.  

Lastly, they use social media extensively to market their food truck. Not only does this help them to gain popularity by attracting people who have never tried Poke before, but it also aids them in standing out from the various other food trucks and restaurants that serve Poke in Arizona.

Need help starting your Food Truck Business?

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 7

Great! You might be like a lot of others who have a food idea for their food truck business, but feel overwhelmed and confused by what to do next. Cause there’s a TON of moving parts when it comes to starting a food truck business.

And any slight mistake could mean $10,000s down the drain…

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4. Juice and Smoothie Food Truck

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 8

A quick look at a busy sidewalk or cafe at lunchtime shows that on-the-go drinks are more popular than ever. Lately, there has been a steep demand increase in the market for healthier drinks. 

People are swapping the traditional sugary soft drinks in favor of healthier alternatives such as nutritionally rich smoothies and juices. 

These drinks offer various natural flavors, unprocessed ingredients, and health boosters, including antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals.

This shift towards healthier drinks indicates that the market for these beverages is growing rapidly, and now is the time you need to start investing in them. 

The operation of a juice and smoothie truck only requires a couple of employees as you don’t have to cook anything from scratch. Furthermore, all the raw materials are stocked beforehand, so all that needs to be done is selecting the fruit or vegetable that the customer has ordered and putting it in a blender. And voila! The juice is ready to be served. 

This also means that the skill level required to run a juice and smoothie truck successfully is not very high.

Moreover, the food truck doesn’t have to be fitted with a lot of fancy expensive equipment as only a juicer, blender, and fridge are required to make and sell juices and smoothies.

These factors suggest that the investment in a juice and smoothie truck is low, and the return is high due to the recent market shift.

However, despite these advantages, a smoothie and juice truck comes with its limitations. 

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 9

Firstly, a big food truck would need to be purchased to stock all the inventory. 

Also, as the main ingredients are fruits and vegetables, you’ll need to be careful about spoilage. They either need to be preserved properly, or you should buy new products every day.

Secondly, a new juice and smoothie truck would face competition with the juice bars and restaurants in the surrounding areas. 

However, this competition can be mitigated in two ways. 

The first is to promote a unique selling point for your business. This will cause intrigue, and people will be tempted to buy from your juice truck in particular. 

Second, as the truck is mobile, you can drive it to events and places where the demand for juices and smoothies is high. 

So, for example, the food truck can be driven to farmer’s markets, office spaces, yoga studios, fitness and community centers, fundraisers, marathons, and parks. 

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 10
Photo Credits: The Juice Truck

An example of a successful juice food truck business is the juice truck. It is based in Vancouver, and they sell cold-pressed juice and plant-based smoothies. But along with the beverages, their menu also includes healthy food items like soups, parfaits, and salads, increasing the AOV (average order value). 

Moreover, they post regularly on their social media page, which helps them attract more customers and build a stronger clientele.

5. Ice Cream Truck

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 11

A typical American consumes nearly 23 pounds of ice cream and similar frozen desserts every year. So it’s safe to claim that ice cream is the dessert of choice for many people. 

As ice cream trucks don’t make ice creams from scratch, the skill required for making ice-creams is not very high. Ice-cream truck owners purchase ready-to-serve ice cream and cones for their customers, who prefer quick service and taste.

Due to this, running and managing an ice-cream truck does not require a lot of staff. It is easily manageable by one person. However, to increase efficiency, 1-2 employees can be hired who can either serve or manage other operations such as frozen drinks or snow cones.

Furthermore, as the target demographic for ice cream is families and children, a key advantage of running an ice cream truck is that it can be driven to various neighborhoods and events to boost the community’s overall involvement. 

This also means that ice-cream truck owners get the opportunity to network and serve at various parties and gatherings, such as a child’s birthday party, if they socialize enough.

Ice cream trucks can also be set up outside parks or schools to attract even more customers in tired school students.

However, despite these advantages, an ice cream truck business comes with its set of limitations. 

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 12

Firstly, ice cream is mostly a seasonal dessert. The demand for ice cream skyrockets in summers but goes down in the cooler months. So, an ice-cream truck’s sales are not constant all year round. 

Another limitation is that unique flavors are slowly gaining popularity, so typical flavors like strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate are taking a backseat as compared to more unique flavors and textures. 

So, to maximize sales, a food truck owner would have to stock some unique flavored ice-creams such as banana or cream cheese, which can be expensive and wasteful because of differing tastes.

Another drawback of owning an ice cream truck is that it restricts the work to a small space. Ice cream trucks are already small in size, and once they are filled with ice cream production equipment, including a deep freezer, a POS system, and other essential ice cream serving ingredients, the space feels even more constricted. 

Lastly, to maximize sales and profitability, the ice-cream truck needs to be advertised to everyone around the area. Still, you can overcome this by making social media pages or by distributing flyers.

However, with all the competition in the ice-cream industry, it’s not an easy task. Lately, there’s been a rise in the food truck industry, and an ice-cream truck will fall behind in the competition if it’s serving generic ice cream with no innovation.

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 13
Photo credits: The Praguery

Nevertheless, Uzutaiyaki and The Praguery are examples of two successful ice-cream trucks. They advertise extensively on social media and serve inventive ice cream cones and flavors. 

The Praguery also has vegan options, which allows them to cater to a broader set of consumers. They also sell soft-serve ice-creams, adding to the variety of textures being served. 

6. Taco Food Truck

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 14

As of April 2017, there were nearly 60,000 Mexican restaurants and menus in the U.S. – representing about 9% of the industry. These businesses generated approximately $45 billion in annual retail sales. 

Therefore, it is safe to assume that tacos, a Mexican delicacy, are among the most popular food items. If you choose to make a taco truck, you’re sure to have dedicated customers!

Tacos are also straightforward to make. All that is required is a tortilla shell and some filling. So, the skill set for making a taco is not very high. This means that making tacos is not time-consuming. A taco food truck can serve a lot of tacos very quickly, making it genuine ‘fast food’.

The primary ingredients required to make tacos are pretty cheap, and not many staff are required to manage the truck. A maximum of 2 or 3 employees is enough.

So, getting into the taco business is very cost-efficient as the investment is low and the profitability is high!

Furthermore, they are highly customizable. There are vegetarian tacos, which include vegan, fat-free tacos, and lettuce tacos. You can also use beef, pork, chicken, lamb, or even seafood.

This customizability means that a taco food truck can cater to various consumers, be it vegans, meat-eaters, or even people on a diet.

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 15

However, although it might seem like the best business idea, a taco food truck has its limitations. As tacos are trendy, they are sold everywhere. So a new taco truck will have to face competition from Mexican restaurants and even other taco food trucks.

However, food trucks are mobile, so you can drive to different areas to deal with the competition. You can also market through social media to bring attention to your taco food truck.

Another thing to look out for is regulations. Each city and state have a different set of regulations regarding food trucks. So before setting up a taco truck, be sure to obtain all the relevant licenses.

Also, remember to include items like burritos or various beverages in the menu to attract an even higher number of customers. 

Lastly, be sure to look out for weather conditions. Food trucks are dependent on the weather. After all, nobody wants to eat a soggy bean taco at a soaked wooden picnic table, do they?

However, this issue can be mitigated by looking at the weather forecast beforehand and either setting up the truck in a shady area or driving it to a new spot altogether with less risk of bad weather.

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 16
Photo Credits: Tacofino

Furthermore, an example of a successful taco food truck business is the Tacofino taco truck.

They serve a variety of tacos, including seafood and vegan options. They also use social media extensively to market their food and their reputation. They post scenic pictures of their truck along with memes to bring maximum engagement! 

7. Sushi & Bento box

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 17

Japanese cuisines like Sushi and Bento boxes have become staples in houses all across the world. 

Sushi has seen a quick rise in popularity and has become one of the most famous dishes globally over the last century.

Now, sushi restaurants are as easy to come by as popular fast-food chains, especially in the United States. After all, there are over 4,000 sushi restaurants there!

A bento box, on the other hand, is simply a meal packed in a box. However, it has surely transcended the lunch box status. Bentos have reflected Japanese cultural change till the present day, when it has evolved into a phenomenon of aesthetically pleasing food creations. 

Bento boxes have grown exponentially in popularity across the globe both due to the meals’ nutritional value and because they allow a lot of room for creativity.

Additionally, to run a sushi and bento box food truck business, you don’t need a lot of employees. A couple will be more than enough as these cuisines require more assembling than cooking. 

The cooking involves simple tasks like boiling rice or eggs, which can be done beforehand. Therefore, to serve a customer, all that needs to be done is assembling the dish according to the customer’s preferences. 

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 18
Photo credits: TAKENAKA

Moreover, as not much cooking is required, the skillset required to make bento boxes properly is pretty low, too, so practice a couple of times, and you’ll be good to go!

Furthermore, as you can play around with the core ingredients of bento boxes and sushi, they allow for a lot of creativity. This means that you can cater to a wider audience as these dishes can be adjusted according to one’s dietary and aesthetic requirements. 

Thus, sushi and bento food trucks can also serve people who are vegan or on a diet! 

However, there are a few disadvantages to starting a sushi and bento truck. 

Firstly, sushi necessitates a fresh supply of seafood, which means going to the market every morning. This may lessen the time you have to run your food truck and also be inconvenient for you.

Additionally, the fish and other seafood used in sushi and bento boxes are susceptible to breeding bacteria, so they need to be preserved at the right temperature to avoid the risk of bacterial growth. 

You must also consider hiring a capable and skilled sushi chef if you intend to cater to high-end customers who prefer premium sushi. Hiring such a chef may be expensive and difficult to pull off without connections and a reputation that only years in the food industry provide.

Moreover, as Japanese cuisines have grown in popularity, more and more people have opened restaurants and food trucks that serve Japanese food. Therefore, when starting a new Japanese food truck business, you’ll have to deal with a fair amount of competition. 

However, the good news is that a food truck can be driven around and advertised to build a strong clientele despite the competition.

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 19
Photo credits: TAKENAKA

TAKENAKA is an example of a successful Japanese cuisine food truck business. Their bowls and boxes are extremely colorful and aesthetically pleasing to every specific customer., thus allowing a wider audience. 

Furthermore, their food trucks are on rotation, which helps them move around the city and serve as many people as possible.

This is not only a lucrative business strategy, but it also helps to build a stronger customer base as more people know about your truck. 

Lastly, they post pictures of their colorful dishes on social media, which helps them advertise their trucks even more. 

8. Tornado Potato

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 20
Photo credits: Tornado Potato BC

Tornado Potato gained popularity around the globe in 2007 when a photo of it from Seoul went viral on the internet. 

Since then, it has become every fried foodie’s dream and still shows no indication of stopping. 

Just search its hashtag on Instagram, and you will see many different varieties of it from carnivals, restaurants, etc., all across the globe.

More than its popularity, what makes it an ideal food truck item is the ease of making it. All you need are potatoes, flour, some spices, a fryer, and you are good to go!

The easy production process also means that not a lot of employees are required to run the truck. One person can easily manage it. 

Also, the only tricky part of making a tornado potato is cutting it in a ‘tornado’, which can be perfected by practicing it a couple of times. So, this means that making it does not require a very high or specialized skillset. Anyone can start their Tornado Potato truck!

Moreover, the only piece of equipment required is a fryer, which doesn’t take much space in the food truck.

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 21

As tornado potatoes are well made without meat, they are enjoyed by a wide range of people, from vegetarians to vegans and those on a gluten-free diet.

In addition, tornado potatoes are enjoyed all year around. Be it spring or fall; their demand remains constant throughout the year. 

However, a tornado potato food truck comes with its limitations. 

First of all, it is not an everyday staple food in most people’s diets. People enjoy it as a snack at events like carnivals and concerts. 

So, a tornado potato food truck business will have to be driven to these events constantly rather than setting it up at a specific place like an office parking lot, where people buy their lunch every day from a food truck.

Other than concerts and carnivals, it can also be driven to parks and schools where children can buy it as a snack. 

Lastly, other items like French fries, fried fish, and various beverages can be added to the menu to increase AOV (Average Order Value). 

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 22
Photo credits: Tornado Potato BC

Tornado potato BC is an example of a food truck that serves tornado potatoes. While it is primarily based in Vancouver, they travel to the lower mainland from North Vancouver to Abbotsford to cater to the maximum number of customers. 

Moreover, they have options other than potatoes for their tornadoes. So along with potato tornados, they also serve deep-fried yam and zucchini. 

9. Pizza Food Truck

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 23

Pizza is extremely popular among consumers and probably the number one American dinner choice. It is also loved by people all across the globe, and both the U.S. and global markets are incredibly lucrative and growing.

Its popularity, coupled with the fact that pizzas are easy to make, surely makes them the top choice for starting a food truck business. 

The skill required to make a pizza is not very high since, to make a pizza, you need to roll the dough, add the toppings (sauces, vegetables, cheese, meat, etc.), and place it in the oven. This is it. It’s easy as that!

However, like anything, practice makes perfect. So, it will take you some time to improve on exactly how thin you should roll out the dough or how long you need to bake it. 

As it’s relatively easy to make, not many employees are required to run a pizza food truck efficiently. A couple of employees are more than enough. 

You can further make your life easier by either purchasing pre-made dough or making the dough beforehand rather than making it fresh in the truck. This will save you a lot of time!

Additionally, as pizza toppings are customizable, not only does it create room for creativity, but it also means that a wide variety of people can enjoy pizzas. For example, for vegans, you can add an all-veggie pizza to the menu. 

And, of course, pizzas are enjoyed by people all year round. It does not hold if it is winter or summer; people are always in the mood for a pizza. 

Still, you should review certain aspects of this business when starting a pizza food truck.

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 24

Although not a lot of equipment is required, pizza ovens are essential. Though they may be a bit expensive, they are necessary for controlling temperature. Perfect temperature control affects both the speed and number of pizzas you can cook in a specific time range, which influences the volume of output of your food products.

This means that the initial investment for this might be a little higher than other ventures. Nevertheless, the capital is a crucial expense for successfully running a pizza food truck.

Also, as pizzas are extremely popular, there are established pizza chains, and almost all restaurants serve pizza. 

This means that when you start your pizza truck, you will have to face significant competition. 

However, one way around that is to drive your truck to various places with a high demand for pizzas. So, bring the pizza to the people rather than them going out and buying it. 

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 25
Photo credits: Ragazzi Pizza

Ragazzi Pizza is an example of a pizza food truck that is set in Vancouver. 

Their menu not only includes a large variety of pizzas, but they serve other dishes like salads, sandwiches, garlic bread, wings, and meatballs. 

This is a great strategy for increasing the AOV (Average Order Value) and generating higher profits. 

Moreover, they serve at various events like anniversaries, bat & bar mitzvahs, baptisms, etc. This helps them to combat the existing competition and build a strong clientele of their own. 

10. Lobster Roll Food Truck

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 26
Photo credits: yooncraves

Since the 1950s, lobster rolls have solidified as a true American classic, making them as popular as apple pie, buffalo wings, hamburgers, and corn dogs. Their popularity has grown not only in the USA but all over the world as well. 

Lobster rolls are also very easy to make. You just have to prepare a lobster salad and fill it in the buns. 

The salad can be prepared beforehand, so you only have to assemble the roll in the food truck rather than cook it when an order comes up. 

This also means that not much fancy or expensive equipment is needed to make a delicious lobster roll. You just need a fridge to store the salad, an iron skillet, and a stove or grill to heat the buns. 

Plus, you don’t need to possess any professional culinary skills to prepare and sell lobster rolls, either, which means that a lobster roll food truck can be easily managed with a small number of employees. 

So, without a lot of equipment and few employees, your food truck won’t be overcrowded, and you’ll have ample space to work. 

Any lobster roll lover with an entrepreneurial itch can start and run a profitable lobster roll food truck! 

However, there are also some restrictions in this business. 

Even though lobster meat can be pretty expensive, a solution is to buy directly from a seafood supplier rather than the supermarket, which tends to be more expensive. 

Also, lobster rolls are usually considered a summer dish. So, their demand tends to vary throughout the year. Your business might not be as profitable in the cooler months as in the summers. 

Moreover, lobster roll trucks are rolling in cities all across the globe, and fast-food chains such as Subway and Mcdonalds also serve them.

This means that a new lobster roll truck will face a significant amount of competition when it first starts. 

But through driving around the city and advertising effectively on social media, you can create a loyal customer base despite the competition. 

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 27
Photo credits: avaeats

Salty’s Lobster Shack is a lobster roll food truck based in Vancouver. 

Their operation is not limited to one specific place, as they drive around to different areas, which helps attract a large number of customers. 

Also, their menu isn’t limited to lobster rolls. They sell lobster grilled cheese, lobster mac and cheese, and crab rolls. This means that there is something for everybody (and it all follows the theme)!

The menu also helps increase the AOV, which means an even higher profit for the business. 

Lastly, they use social media for advertising their truck by posting mouth-watering pictures of their cuisines. So when people come across them on their social media, they’re definitely tempted to go and purchase something!

Final Thoughts

The food truck business ideas mentioned in this article provide a comprehensive insight regarding the advantages and limitations associated with 10 different types of food trucks. 

However, the journey to success in the food truck industry can be riddled with monetary and logistical challenges.

Still, considering the ease of starting and advertising allowed by the current circumstances, it could be timely and beneficial to turn your idea into a working business, particularly considering the flexibility, independence, and room for creativity it allows. 

So if you budget, market, plan and organize appropriately, you can provide a unique and unforgettable dining experience to people that will hopefully attract many more customers and keep them queuing up for more.

Need help starting your Food Truck Business?

10 Simple Food Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today 7

Great! You might be like a lot of others who have a food idea for their food truck business, but feel overwhelmed and confused by what to do next. Cause there’s a TON of moving parts when it comes to starting a food truck business.

And any slight mistake could mean $10,000s down the drain…

Join me in my free masterclass where I help give you the confidence to build your food truck business!

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