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Take The Guesswork Out Of Building A Food Business

Learn how transform your food idea into a popular food business in just 60 days

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On a mission to help 1,000,000 food entrepreneurs

Who Am I?

Wilson K Lee

I help aspiring restaurant owners build a profitable and successful food business

A serial entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the trenches, an award-winning business branding and development strategist, new father, and a decent soccer player.  

Over the last ten years, I’ve had the privilege of creating multiple businesses, where some have gone on to be successful to win awards, provide for my family, and be case studies to help new aspiring business owners. One of them is a tiny 800 sq.ft ice cream shop that eventually grew to 7 stores and went international. I am by no means a Gordon Ramsay. Just an entrepreneur who made a bunch of mistakes that you learn from and avoid making in your own restaurant.

I want to use my platform to share the mistakes, learnings, and observations so you can – hopefully – take something away and build that profitable restaurant you dream of. 

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Hosting one of the biggest educational channel for food entrepreneurs

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My favourite and most popular video lessons:


Real People, Real Stories

Kara S
Kara SRestaurant Owner
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I feel so relieved to have found your Youtube channel after 3.5 years in business. So many things I did not know. I have worked outside the home and helped others advance their organizations but I have never done anything like this and you are a godsend to me and you make the information so simple!
John Oliver Dysanco
John Oliver DysancoAspiring Restaurant Owner
Read More
I just started my food takeaway business at home after watching your videos!! Took me 2 weeks to set it up, thank you for your content! Keep em coming!!
John Anderson
John AndersonAspiring Restaurant Owner
Read More
Thanks for providing quality content and being a good source of info.
Amy P
Amy PAspiring Restaurant Owner
Read More
I am thankful for you Wilson...and the way you unselfishly share your experiences and wisdom with us!! Thank You!
Gurjit Surana
Gurjit SuranaAspiring Restaurant Owner
Read More
This is my favourite Youtube channel great work keep it up 💪 I can't wait to open my own restaurant 🔥 your knowledge is so helpful cheers mate 💯
Noah G
Noah GVeteran Chef
Read More
I am a 26 years of as a head chef. My goal is to own my own business in the restaurant scene. I am wanting to learn how to run a business effectively before jumping in. Your emails certainly help. Wise words from people with experience does definitely help!

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Be part of a community of 1000+ aspiring and operating restaurant owners from all over the world, hustling to build a profitable restaurant business.

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Free Training

Transform Your Food Idea Into A Popular Food Business

Do you have a food idea but don’t know how to make it a full-fledged business?

Or you already started a food business but are having difficulty navigating this new world of business?

This FREE training will help clear the confusion so you can be equipped to build an online food business of your dreams