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If you're new here and don't know who I am...
watch this video and you'll understand everything.


A quick bit about me

I'm Wilson.

I was blessed with an entrepreneurial spirit and I have a passion for starting new businesses, founding them from the ground up, and growing them into profitable success stories.

I started my business journey a decade ago by building a tutoring academy from scratch. It eventually grew and expanded to Toronto & was sold for 7 figures.

I then went on to tackle the event industry. Growing from 3 to 25 game stands at the largest Summer Night Market in Canada and managing over 120 staff.

My experience and activities has been plentiful.

Through the multiple awards that I have received and my experience cultivating and operating multi-million dollar businesses… 

As a recipient of BC Business 30 Under 30, this award celebrates British Columbia’s young guns who have proven to excel in their industries, give back to the community and planet as a whole, and are expected to be leaders of business in the province for years to come.
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As a finalist of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award from the Richmond Chamber of Commerce in 2015. This award honours entrepreneurs under the age of 40 who not only excel in business, but also exemplify leadership and entrepreneurial skills as well as demonstrate exceptional vision contributing to business success.

Through working with dozens of new and experienced food entrepreneurs…

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Through being featured by major publications and organizations…

To building a Youtube channel filled with educational videos on how to build a successful food business and working with leading industry partners…

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It seems like I’ve always been doing well…

But I’ve done A LOT of things wrong too…

  • Maxed out 2 credit cards and 3 line of credits at one point.
  • Owed the government $200K because of my poor book keeping knowledge.
  • Got burnt out, depressed, and stayed at home for 2 weeks straight from a failed project.
  • Started more than 50 different projects [most failed].
  • Been cheated on and my business almost stolen away from me.
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It is because business fundamentals are BORING and we all rather work on the sexy things like neat marketing tactics. 

But skipping out on the fundamentals has cost me $100,000s, wasted me a ton of time, and caused me enough stress to strip a 10 years of my lifespan. 

I now vow not to let others make the same mistakes I have.

Now that I’ve figured out the recipe to success, I’m dedicating my time to help other food entrepreneurs start off on the right foot and build a profitable food business. 

Want to recipe to success in building a food business?

So if you’re an aspiring food business owner who has an idea for a food business but don’t know where to start… 

Step right in. 

If you already have a food business and are looking to take it to the next level… 

Step right in. 

As I’ll share with you how you can transform your food idea into a full-fledged food business in just 30 – 60 days successfully.